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If you live in Enschede and you are a parent of a student at IOK de Globe...

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What do the language lessons entail?

Parents living in Enschede, with children attending our school, can attend a language course. The language lessons take place, every Tuesday and Thursday from 8.45 am to 11.15 am, at IOK de Globe and are given by an NT2 teacher.

The parents learn the same words as the children in the kindergarten groups. As with the children, we work by themes. The ‘word-webs’ and ‘talk-plates’ from LOGO 3000 are used here. We teach these words so that you as a parent can practice with your child more easily at home.

We also address the newsletters, report discussions, parenting themes, the Dutch school system and what is expected of you as a parent in the Netherlands.

het kopje
de pen

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8.45 am to 11.15 at IOK de Globe

het bord

Besides learning words we also focus a lot on Dutch grammar. We do this based of grammar from the book 'Uitgebreide basisgrammatica NT2- Klare Taal'. We also teach how to read texts and to answer questions. In addition, listening and speaking are items that are discussed.


Language lessons setup

We work in classes, individually and in groups. Sometimes we work at different levels. Sometimes we work together, so that we can learn a lot with and from each other.


de moeder
de vader


Once a week we take a look at the toddlers in the classroom. Here we can see how the children learn the words, how they work in a playful way and how you can do this at home.

In addition, this allows for extra practice of the words and simple Dutch sentences.

The best way to get to know us is to come and visit us. You are more than welcome.

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